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{ths} RAW SUPPLY is the official online store of artist {ths} Thomas Schostok, for digital assets like textures and imagery.

What are these textures and images, and what is this all about?

Since the end of the 90s {ths} created “graphic elements” especially for his art as well as for his profession as a graphic designer. Nowadays this would be called textures. These elements were usually created through the use of copy machines, misprints or experimental techniques, as the style of these textures would be called Gritty, Grunge, Grain/Grainy nowadays. A style that runs through the entire oeuvre of {ths}. An artist who always turned to the rather “dirty” subject, be it in terms of content or just the style of the “unclean”.

Over the years he has accumulated a lot of material. So much that one could offer whole product packages. {ths} now decided to offer his own collection, so that other artists and designers also get the opportunity to work with it and at best make this style more popular. Oh, and of course to make money with it, right? A comprehensive collection of gritty typographic elements, patterns, lines, grids symbols. All the gritty / copier look {ths} is known for. The #swissgrit of textures.

There are many textures at other vendors out there that are made specifically to sell, helpful certainly, but also mostly soulless. {ths}’s textures differ from others in that they come from his own collection - used by him in the past, already used in his own artwork, large scale or in detail. Carefully selected elements from {ths}’s archives. Unexpected treasures of pure dirt.


Since 2000, {ths} aka Thomas Schostok works at the crossroads of art and graphic design. {ths} is an artist, shown and appreciated internationally, and founder of the legendary BEAST Magazine. His works are a colorful and at the same time a dirty mix of photography, comics, newspaper clippings, advertisements, typography and handwritten quotes. From all these ingredients arise peculiar, almost abstract works of art, which on closer inspection, despite their abstraction, but also tell a story.

If you want to know more about {ths}, please visit his website or his IG